Three ways to rock a polo shirt

The polo shirt is a classic look for stylish men. It has been around for decades, yet it is just as popular as it used to be. It can be styled in lots of different ways. From a classic preppy look to something a little more edgy, here are three ways to rock a polo shirt.

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The Smart Casual Look

Smart casual is the perfect dress code for most occasions, including work events, drinks with friends, and dates. While most people see the polo shirt as a casual look, this isn’t the case at all. Thanks to the huge range of shapes and styles, it is easy to find a polo shirt that is more smart causal than casual. Just make sure to choose a well-fitted shape in a neutral colour, such as cream or grey.

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Make sure to team the shirt with well-tailored trousers, such as chinos. This will help to create a stylish, smart casual look that can be worn to lots of different events. Men’s fashion is more popular than ever before, and now is a great time to try styling your polo in a different way.

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The Smart Look

Polo shirts can even be used to create a smart look. Just make sure to avoid patterned shirts because they can make you look more casual, and choose a slim-fitting shirt that can be tucked into your trousers. A blazer is also essential to pull the whole outfit together. While this look isn’t fancy enough for black-tie events, it should be fine for other formal events, such as summer weddings and important meetings.

The Casual Look

When most people think about polo shirts, they tend to imagine a more casual look. This isn’t too surprising. After all, polo shirts were originally designed to be worn during exercise, so they are indeed very comfortable. If you want to create a casual look that is a little different from what you normally see, consider investing in a long-sleeved polo shirt instead of the more popular short-sleeved variety. This will create a more original look, and you can team the shirt with something relaxed on the bottom, such as jeans or black joggers.