6 Most Popular Wintertime Shoes In Norway

Getting the right pair of high-quality winter boots warrants a considerable amount of effort and research on our part, and with our suggestions for the best brands, however, you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the perfect product. We hope that our tips will help speed up your search. Norwegians write their reviews about winter shoes, and you can read them at Norskeanmeldelser.

The following are the most popular shoes you can wear in wintertime in Norway.

  1. Vagabond Shoemakers

Despite being created in 1973, Vagabond’s Swedish shoe business only began producing footwear in the 1990s, when it became the brand we know today.

You may find these sneakers in stores all around Europe today. As part of the company’s product line, the Johnny boot collection is available. This shoe features a hefty outsole, a simple yet traditional design, and a warm interior. This collection of boots is ideal for urban use during the cold season.

It’s made with a shaft put on rubber soles, which is a bit higher to give it that city feel. You can purchase most of these shoes on TrekkInn, one of Norway’s best online footwear.

  1. Makia

These collections combine both design and comfort, focusing on the finer points in everything they do.

Those interested in Makia’s Finnish designs will find classic Scandinavian styles to withstand even the worst climates and conditions. As an illustration of Tretorn’s Scandinavian aesthetic, the Tretorn X Makia Rubber boot is the type of footwear you should wear in rainy weather.

Despite being composed entirely of rubber, this boot’s mesh interior allows it to breathe, escaping internal heat.

  1. Tretorn

Ever since its founding, Tretorn has been primarily a shoe-making firm. It is a waterproof shoe, and this winter boot features a fleece-lined interior, a rubber outsole, and mesh ventilation ducts for increased warmth.

You can fold the shoe’s shaft to increase flexibility and ventilation.

  1. Helly Hansen & Company

As a Norwegian footwear (and outdoor gear) brand, Helly Hansen is a must-see. In the late 1800s, a former sea captain developed this brand.

Among its footwear offerings is the Garibaldi V3 boot. Wearers of this footwear will appreciate the waterproof leather and well-sealed seams. In addition to being lightweight, the boots’ insoles fit perfectly, and you can easily wear them.

  1. Haglöfs

A carpenter named Wiktor Haglöf started this company in 1914. Founder Haglöf had a vision for his company: to better people’s lives by supplying them with gear that could help them resist the elements.

The brand’s footwear reflects this vision. When it comes to modern trekking shoes for men, they have Haglöfs Skuta Mid Proof Eco. With a broad forefoot fit and a waterproof membrane, it keeps wearers dry while hiking.

  1. Ilse Jacobsen

When it comes to winter shoes, the Danish brand Ilse Jacobsen Hornbk balances fashion and functionality. Compared to the other brands on this list, this one was founded in 1993.

A young brand, Ilse Jacobsen has some fascinating things to offer, despite being one of the youngest firms on this list of footwear brands. There’s nothing like a pair of traditional black ankle boots to keep you warm during the winter months.

This shoe is Made of microfibre; the boots have a faux fur flap for added comfort. There is a water-repellent finish on the upper half of the shoe, and the inner lining is soft enough to keep users happy and relaxed all day.

Ille Jacobsen offers lightweight Sneakers that you can practically wear anywhere. These shoes are coated with a water-repellent substance to keep you dry in rainy conditions.