Where to Shop Affordable Swiss Watches?

We all know that Swiss Watches are the best. They are prestigious, elegant, robust and timeless. But the fact is that they are pretty expensive most of the time. Although, you can find some affordableauthentic models if you know where to shop them. For that purpose, you can purchase your luxury wristwatch directly in Switzerland or on a reliable online sales website.

Buy an Affordable Swiss Watch in Switzerland

The country is certainly the spiritual homeland of high end horology so, it is easy to find and buya real Swiss watch there. With hundreds of sales points across Switzerland, finding a place to purchase aquality model in the country where the Haute Horlogerie was born is not a harsh challenge. According to a recent report by the Mercury Project, there are 978 watch shops in Switzerland. So, where is the right place to buy the perfect Swiss watch in Switzerland depending on what you want?

Cities like Basel, Berne, Lausanne and St. Gallen have a larger proportion of distribution chains that are more likely to have watches costing less than CHF 1,000. But if you are looking for luxury watches, you can go to Zurich or Geneva which are, unsurprisingly, the two cities with the largest number of watch shops in Switzerland. Of course, you may think of Geneva as the best place to buy a Swiss watch because it isnear the headquarters of many of the world’s biggest watch brands. Although, Zurich is actually a better place because the products are cheaper there.

Unlike Geneva, Zurich have less single-brand stores so, the choice is even wider.On the other hand, you can opt for Interlaken and Lucerne for a complete selection with several price segments. At the same time, you have the time to discover some picturesque sites. Although there are fewer shops in these places, especially in the tiny tourist trap that is Interlaken, there is a much better choice among all price ranges that meet the demands of all tourists. Interlaken in particular offers the largest selection of brands in Switzerland, with an average of 12 brands available in each shop.

Shop your Swiss Watch Online

If you do not have any plan to go to Switzerland, the best way to find an authentic watch as cheaply as possible is to shop it online. But to be sure that the article is of superior quality, you have to select the site carefully. You will notably find affordable Swiss watches at louischevrolet.com. You will have the choice among different models, for women and for men, at the best prices. Plus, it proposes free shipping worldwide and 2 years warranty.

You can visit the site at any time, compare all the Swiss watches available and order the one you like the most. As you can see, Louis Chevrolet sells very affordable authentic products. As a matter of fact, it is surely the greatest advantage of buying a luxury Swiss watch on the Internet, you are more likely to find watches that fit into our budget.