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Why Stress Management is Useful There are many ways whether negative or positive where the mental condition of a person can influence a person. However, stress cannot be eradicated, but we can manage. It has been the cause of mental illness today. However, stress can occur due to weddings, graduations, or even can be as a result of social gatherings. Specialists suggest a combination of physical, social, environmental, and psychological approaches to managing stress. General adaptation syndrome is a result of stress feeling for the victim. GAS is a psychological response which has three phases. The alarm phase is the first phase. This is a phase where a body realizes there is a stressor and the body hormones start to react. The second phase of the GAS is the resistance phase. This stage sees the body resist the feeling of stress to get back to the process of homoeostasis. The final stage is the exhaustion. The stage is where the body becomes tired and cannot respond to any stressors. Some of the common stressors include fear of the unknown, economic stress, relationship and poor decision making. Some of the indications include difficulty in making decisions, loss of appetite and many other indications. However there are ways that you can use to deal with and reduce stress levels.
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You need to look into yourself to deal with stress. One of the sure ways of taking care of yourself is looking into your body healthy by feeding properly and spending a lot of time doing things that will maintain the average health of your body. Staying active by engaging in body activities is also very useful to look into the stress. When you work out you force yourself to take your mind off the stressor and therefore, focus on what you are doing. Other ways of reducing stress levels include jogging and attending the gym.
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There is also need to get social support to reduce stress. It is advisable to talk to someone when you are stressed. You may connect with a friend or family member that will attentively listen to what you want to get off your mind. They are accommodating for stress reduction. Do not involve in drinking and other drug abuse practices when you are stressed. Some people start intake of alcohol and drugs when they experience stress. They think they will forget about their stress, but unfortunately, it only happens only when they are drunk. Having known most of the stress management techniques, you will be able to deal with it effectively. Stress is usually a catalyst for other illness including mental illness hence it will be mindful to take relieve from your daily burdens. You can adjust your attitude on issues and have good feeling that will help you have an enjoyable life that is free from stress.

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