UK Jewelry Brands and Retailers with Black Friday Deals 2021

Everything you can expect for Black Friday 2021 & live updates on early  deals | HELLO!

Rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and wristwatches, are all easy to grab gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. 

Jewellery has sentimental values, they can be customized to the receiver’s taste, and made from fine materials. Nonetheless, they can be quite expensive but with Black Friday coming up, you can save a few coins. 

You should beware that it is easy to get scammed when shopping for jewellery, make sure you only stick to quality Black Friday stores.

Here are some UK Jewelry stores that have their Black Friday deals 2021;

  1. Florence London 

The London-based company has their biggest annual sale on Black Friday weekend with some of the exclusive items going for up to 30% off.

The jewellery shop also has the option of purchasing personalized jewellery which can be a great deal especially when the gifting season is coming soon.

Not only are they having their Black Friday sales but they are Christmas gift discounts in which are already running.

  1. Diamond store

For those looking to get superior quality diamonds in the UK, Diamond shop has some amazing Black Friday deals.

The 2021 Black Friday sale has probably one of the largest discounts for up to £1,200 of all products in the store.

Apart from their diamond jewellery sales the online retailer has gemstones and watches up Black Friday sales. 

  1.  Pandora 

Nobody wants to miss deals on the Pandora timeless collections this holiday season. The jewellery company has gift deals.

With Pandora 25% coupon for November, one can get reduced prices on jewellery, bracelets and other gifts. 

  1. Beaver brooks

It should not come as a surprise that Beaverbrooks have their 2021 Black Friday ads already up.

Get yourself exclusive discounts for up to 40% off with promo codes and holiday deals from the Jewellery retailer.

They are the biggest shopping event of the year has Christmas gifts and black discounts of offers on jewellery and luxury watches.

  1. TH Baker

Yes, the British jewellery retailer has announced their Black Friday sales. 

The T.H Baker store has both luxury jewellery collections as well as from popular brands. 

You can cut down some costs by getting pre-owned luxury jewellery they have in their store.

The cells are already running at 20% to more than 50% off on listed items on their website.

  1. The Jewel Hut 

The store is a subset of T.H Baker focusing on designer jewellery. They too will be having their Black Friday for up to 70 % off. 

The pre-Black Friday sales are already running for those who want to get something they’ve been eyeing. 

Some of the items on sale will include; exclusive rings, necklaces, earrings, watch In therms, bracelets, jewellery sets, and diamonds.

The Diamond jewellery collection has sales of up to 50%. 

Some of the featured brands in their Black Friday sales include; Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski, Alex and Ani, Chlobo, SIF Jakob jewellery, Daisy London, Links London and others. 

  1. H.Samuels

For a more affordable collection of jewellery, H. Samuels have a range of options to choose from. 

The Holidays sales are up to 50 % off selected lines and watches. The pre-Black Friday deals are out on their online stores. 

The H.Samuels also have affordable engraved pieces for anyone interested in getting engaged items with a budget in mind. 

  1. TJC shop

TJC store is an affordable luxury range jewellery, fashion and beauty retailer in the UK. 

They are quite reputable with their collection of gemstones and this Black Friday they have some of their Premium gemstones up to 75% off.

They too have their pre-black Friday deals up in their online store. 

Some other discounts are for diamond jewellery up to 50%, Gold up to 40% and silver for up to 60% off. 

  1. Maya Magal

It can never get any more sentimental than with handmade modern jewellery that has been featured in many luxurious fashion magazines.

Maya Magal will have exclusive promotions for the Black Friday sale but the items on sale are not yet out. 

Some of their handmade items are made of fine materials like Gold, Sterling Silver, sapphires, gold plated silver, emeralds, pearls, and Diamonds.

  1. Kay Jewelers

This holiday season Kay Jewelers have put up to 50% off clearance sales on some of their finest jewellery.

The items on discount will include watches earrings necklaces bracelets, vintage engagement and wedding rings.