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Steps to Follow in Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning involve a number of steps that will ensure people living in the premise are able to breath good quality of air, be it at home or in the office. This article will provide you an overview of what are these steps that are related to air duct cleaning. If molds are left untreated this might cause greater problems in the future.

Assess the condition of air ducts before cleaning
Constant monitoring of the air ducts and other parts of the ventilation system will avoid getting bigger problems plus this helps you determine potential problems with the air flow system. It is even possible for the air duct cleaning company to seal those leaks to avoid high expenditures for the maintenance services. If there are clogged filters then the best thing to do is replaced it with an efficient pleated filter or an electrostatic filter. The good thing about having the air ducts checked is that you can spot any mold formation that must be done before cleaning the air ducts. If you are using a metal sheet for the ductwork then you must apply biocide when cleaning it but if it is fiberglass then avoid doing so.

Negative Pressure – ideal way of cleaning the air ducts
When cleaning the air ducts, it would be best to utilize negative pressure, this way dirt and other particles that clogged in the air ducts are removed. If you want to be far from breathing polluted air then you have to make sure dust particles and released to the outdoor air. Sometimes, the air duct system make use of negative air pressure to remove unwanted particles from the system before the cleaning process.
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Cleaning of the Ductwork
The first parts of the air duct system that must be cleaned. The cleaning of the air ducts make use of specialized tools such as nylon brushes and a high powered vacuum. For ductwork made from fiberglass, soft-bristled brushes is highly recommended. If there are molds in the air ducts and the air ducts are made from insulated material then you must not attempt cleaning the entire system rather replace it immediately. If you want to remove the polluted air then you must utilize return registers. It is also possible to use sealants to fix damaged fiberglass insulation or to fix leakage to the air ducts moreover the sealants must be applied after the cleaning process.
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Make sure other parts of the system are free from dirt and clogged particles
It is vital for you to ask the cleaning agency to clean other parts like combustion chamber, heat exchanger surface, plenum, humidifier, coil drain pans, cooling coil and other parts of the system.

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