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How to Comply with HIPAA Requirements Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA as it is commonly recognized was enacted about a decade ago with an aim to restructure the health care industry by streamlining administrative ways of operation and increasing the privacy and security of patient data. HIPAA policies have numerous benefits, not merely for medical care professionals in hospitals, health dispensaries, and dental practices, but also for practitioners who have access to particular health data like call center agents, medical equipment providers, and insurance team. Many institutions have broken the law which governs the confidentiality and security of patient information, and they have not had any punishments and this call for firm and stringent measures to bring the offenders to book with the enforcement of HIPAA requirements. Lately, there are attempts to enforce the law by monitoring the procedures of various companies that access patient information and those companies found to be breaking the law with regards to HIPAA policies are giving substantial penalties. To help you operate by the regulations of HIPAA, here are some ways which you could help you through. Hire the services of HIPAA compliance officer – This person should have undergone HIPAA education and training and completed the course, and he should spearhead the reforms in the company which helps the company to conform to the HIPAA policies. Make sure that all personnel recognizes the HIPAA requirements and policies which impact on your company – Continuous staff training with regards to HIPAA policies and procedures should be conducted to all employees. The training should focus on those who access the information of patients.
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You must ensure that all patient information is kept safely from unauthorized access – Patient records and information should only be accessible to authorized personnel. Computers which contain sensitive information of patients should have high protection and security measures. If possible, have alternative methods which you can use to backup information so that they are not lost in case of an event.
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You will find these procedures helpful in complying with HIPAA act. However, the most important of them all is to employ HIPAA compliance officer and to make sure that the agent possesses the necessary qualification, skills, and experience which are helpful to the company. This person must take the leading role in putting in place all the measures which conform to the requirements of HIPAA in the company such measures should include employee training and ensuring that there are adequate security and confidentiality of patient information and records, establishing computer system security and ensuring that there is frequent backing up of data. To avoid stiff penalties, you need to make sure that your company follows the above steps to comply with HIPAA requirements.

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