How to style your basic fashion wardrobe

How to style your basic fashion wardrobe

How to style your basic fashion wardrobe

How to style your basic fashion wardrobe.

In Irish fashion news, we are going to show you simple ways to style basic clothing this season.  When it comes to fashion, it seems like everything nowadays is big and bold.

And while this can create iconic fashion looks, it does seem like modesty and fashion are an unattainable couple. But this is just not the case at all.

Today, modest dressing has become easier and more accessible. More and more brands and fashion houses are embracing loose fits and creative forms of layering. They are bringing our wardrobes back to basics and focusing on essential pieces that never go out of style.

And if you think that modest dressing has to be boring, we advise you to think again. When worn right, modest dressing can be a great way for you to explore some of the latest fashion trends. If you want some fashion tips on staying stylish in modest clothing, keep on reading for our tips.

Top Fashion Items For Dressing Modestly
Get Yourself Some Turtleneck Tops

We all know that fashion trends from the 90s have made their way back into your modern wardrobes. And one of the biggest trends of this fashionable decade is the turtleneck.

Although it is more of a staple for your winter wardrobe, do not think that you cannot wear it all year round and no matter the weather.

It is the perfect top to keep you warm and is both trendy and versatile. You can wear it with just about anything in your wardrobe and you will always look super stylish.

And if you think that there is something a bit dated about the old turtleneck, think again. Just like any other fashion item, you can bring it into your modern wardrobe with the right style tips.

You can go classic Audrey by pairing your black turtleneck with some black trousers. And remember that layers are your friend. After all, they are one of the easiest ways to turn a boring outfit into one that has depth and oozes sophistication.

To really embrace the 90s vibe of the turtleneck, why not pop it under your shirt? With your shirt buttoned, you have a cute and business casual outfit.

However, if you want something just for running around town, feel free to leave a few buttons open. And don’t forget about your accessories. To really drive home the 90s vibe, go with some white trainers, loose fitting jeans and some flip clips.

Maxi Or Midi Skirts Are A Must This Season

If you are aiming to add one fashion item that bring a touch of modesty but also has style to your wardrobe, you need a maxi skirt.

Or a midi one if it is more of your vibe. While they are the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe, you can wear them all year round by layering up your outfit. And, depending on your own personal style, there are plenty of maxi and midi skirt styles to choose from.

Pleated skirts are set to be huge this year and can make a stylish addition to your modest wardrobe. And to keep things simple, go for one in a neutral shade, such as olive green. It is a universal colour that works for a lot of different skin tones. And looks particularly chic when worn with a basic white tee.

Ways to style your basic fashion wardrobe

Ways to style your basic fashion wardrobe

How to style your basic fashion wardrobe. Irish fashion news. 

The versatility that comes with your maxi and midi skirt means that they are suitable for different environments such as your workplace or formal events.

If you are looking for the perfect way to style your maxi skirt for a special occasion, wear a light and delicate sepia blouse with a white skirt that has a subtle floral print. The end result will be an elegant and refined outfit that is suitable for any age.

Maxi Dress Are Always A Good Choice

Kind of keeping with the fashion item, if skirts are just not your thing, why not try a maxi dress instead? Much like your maxi skirt, a maxi dress is a valuable piece of fashion to have in your modest wardrobe.

They cover everything, which makes them perfect for a fashionable winter outfit. But there also come in a variety of materials so you don’t have to suffer from wearing a heavy fabric in hot summer weather.

Just like every year, florals are a huge fashion trend. And look particularly well as a print for your maxi dress. And like a lot of fashion items, they look good all year round and no matter the occasion.

If you have a party or special event coming up, get yourself a maxi dress. Or maybe you just want to look good as you strut around town running errands. Your maxi dress is the way to go.

And one in a solid colour can look particularly romantic and whimsical. To keep up with the modest vibes, make sure to keep your makeup simple and refined. You can just let the colour of your dress be the focal point of your look.

Why Not Try Some Palazzo Trousers?

In case you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you will know that palazzo trousers have been around for a while. And they are showing no signs of slowing down in popularity.

Their size has only gotten bigger and bigger as time goes on and we are here for it. They are flowy, comfortable, versatile and perfect for anyone’s wardrobe. But especially for a lover of modest fashion.

Gold might not be a colour that you would wear in your trousers but go with us on this. And yes, while it is the perfect colour this season, it can look a bit extravagant and excessive when styled the wrong way.

So, keep it simple with gold stripes running down your black Palazzo trousers. It is a simple and trendy fashion piece that can be worn in different styles. You can pair it with a simple black top to tone down the gold. Or you can brighten things up using a white top instead.

But if you are running errands or just want something to wear on a daily basis, Palazzo trousers in a sandstone colour are a classy choice.

They are modest and elegant, looking fetching when worn with your black turtleneck and Oxford shoes. You can throw on some gold jewellery to warm up your outfit and finish things off if you like.

Bon Ton Collars

Another must for your modest wardrobe, collars can be an amazing way to add a stylish touch to a plain look. You can go with pearls for a touch of elegance or rhinestones to lighten up your face. And the best thing about rhinestone collars is that, not only are they easy to buy, they are also easy to make yourself at home.

The possibilities are truly endless. You can go for a totally white collar, or ones with gold or silver accents. Or you can go black and play around with different gems in jewel tones. Whatever your style, there is a collar out there that is perfect for your modest wardrobe.

Rock A Long Cardigan

Along with your long coats to keep you warm, your long cardigans can get the job done just as well. Again, this piece of fashion is both fashionable and modest.

It is versatile, looks great on everyone who wears one and can be a great way to add some texture to your outfit. While you can go for thigh or knee length, why not try something that falls to your ankle for you daring fashion lovers.

A Long cardigan in a neutral shade will ensure that it works for most of your wardrobe. Black skinny jeans, biker boots, blouses, skirts, tops, you name it, it will match it perfectly.

Complete Your Wardrobe With A Classic Stripe Shirt

There is a reason why a striped shirt is a wardrobe classic. They are perfect for adding a touch of colour to your outfit and can jazz up dresses or skirts with ease.

Black and white is always a staple and can be used throughout the year. And if you think that stripes are a bit too much, there are also easy to tone down.

You can throw on your striped shirt and wear it with grey jeans or trousers. Or you can throw on a sweater vest on over top. A sweater vest is another staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Polka Dots

Everything that we have just said about your black and white striped shirt, the same is true for your polka dots. When it comes to modest clothing, the key is to reinvent your outfits using different combinations.

And while some polka dots are big and bold, the majority are perfect for your modest wardrobe. They will freshen up your look but not in an excessive or aggressive way.

A simple polka dot dress is a great choice for your wardrobe as it can look glamorous without drawing that much attention to yourself. Perfect for those of you who want to look good but who do not like being the centre of attention.

Irish fashion news. How to style your basic fashion wardrobe

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