How much does it cost to hire a bodyguard?

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PWA’s executive defense courses will aid your performance in any position in the safety and defense sectors. PWA was established in 2012 to educate people on the fundamentals of personal defense and private defense missions. According to PWA’s parent company Advanced Security Technologies; most applicants sought employment in the intelligence sector. Whether or not they served in the military, they possess the core abilities needed to be a system administrator. The PWA was morally committed to supporting whatever employment it might create through the training program and teaching potential protection workers and the executive protection training will discuss with complete details here. 

The Pacific West Institute offers many levels of bodyguard training. Pacific West Institute’s completion has been advantageous for many of its clients. You can learn everything you need to understand about Pacific West Academy if you want to become a protector. The Western Pacific 

Academy is one of the top academies and training facilities for students aiming for positions in high-end security industries. Our teachers blend their extensive training and expertise in the army and executive security into the entire course.

As an organization operated by veterans, PWA lays the foundation for transitioning from the battlefield to the realm of education. By easing the transition from the military’s black-and-white world to the full spectrum of colors in the outer sphere, PWA’s environment helps warriors prepare for academic achievement. After finishing a program at PWA, students gain a better understanding of what is necessary to achieve intellectual success, allowing them to transfer to a higher education institution or begin a career as a security officer.

Based on ASC’s years of experience in the security sector, a syllabus for a 104-hour program that would provide the knowledge and qualifications essential to launch a successful future as a security officer was developed. After the initiative’s success, it was time to update PWA’s goal statement. 

Future security personnel also need training, and PWA has a moral duty to assist in placing everyone who successfully finished its training course. All PWA program members had to find meaningful work, and maintaining a level of training over the minimum requirement became the goal.

How much does it cost to hire a bodyguard?

Everyone who desires to work in the security industry must take a course on VIP security. Any individual whose interests in privacy or safety are more important than the average person is a VIP. The top-notch tools are well-liked by security education students at Pacific West Institute. 

In addition to the allocated classrooms, there are additional killing fields and the requisite instruments where education is provided. Students have the chance to access better employment after completing these courses when they are ready to go for an assessment and finish their commercial portfolio.

Risk management and knowledge of the many hazards and vulnerabilities form the foundation of executive protection training. The type of effects attack takes place on a person who is protected by personal security. Many people who leave law enforcement and the military make excellent candidates for executive protection training because they have prior security experience.

The bodyguard training program will teach you how to safeguard yourself and your customers while working. You will study self-defense, firearms, and other defensive abilities necessary for your field of work. The program is designed for those who desire to work as armed bodyguards or personal security officers. It is a highly specialized style of self-defense that calls for extreme physical and mental fortitude.

Courses and Certificates

Diploma Executive Security Expert

Pacific West Institute offers a program called Diploma Security Experts. The CESS program gives you the education and physical preparation needed to grow in slightly more prestigious fields and find rewarding careers. Household aid for these a little more prestigious professions is included. The main objective is to give productive tasks full geographic importance. Their kids participated in and now participate in training programs to gain expertise and capabilities.

1. Time frame: 2.2 months

2. $12,947

Comprehensive security education

The curriculum includes lengthy training sessions. A comprehensive educational curriculum is offered throughout 104 sessions spread over 12 days. This course is for you if you’re a beginner trying to break into the defense industry. The principle of simulation and security will be covered in class.

1. Time: 2.6 weeks

2. $1,950

The following modules are included in the complete education program:

1. California BSIS Security Card

2. Parachute Certification from the California BASIS


4. Concealed Weapons License from the California Bureau of Investigations and Statistics (BISI)

California BSIS Security Card

The California Guard Card certification program at Pacific West Institute is created to give students all the knowledge they need to start working in the security sector. You can earn certification by using all of the course material. Over time, it supports your fulfilling career as a security officer. 

Your education begins with a comprehensive explanation of the duties, accountability, and, most crucially, liabilities of a security guard who has earned a California Guard Card. From there, you will learn the fundamentals of the position, including details about monitoring, handling paperwork, and even client service abilities.

The program also includes various topics to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge base. It will enable you to carry out your responsibilities as effectively as possible. You will be given instructions on administering first aid and thinking about terrorism and weapons of mass devastation. Without being daunting for beginners, this course is extensive and informative. A profitable security profession can be attained by earning a California Guard Card qualification. The knowledge you gain from this course will be helpful to you throughout your career.

Students will learn the following:

  • Security officer obligations, functions, and consequences.
  • Qualify with a California guard card accreditation.
  • Policing, keeping records, performing simple first aid, and providing customer service.
  • Aspects relating to terrorism and WMD

Certified Protection Specialist

A 27-day executive protection specialist training course is called the Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) Course. With training and certification in several high-end security and security-related procedures, the CPS program is perfect for people who want to break into the executive protection profession and already have their essential security licenses.


 Course Cost: $11,147.00

Classes Included in the CPS Program

Comprehensive Security Training (CST) Course

A 104-hour security course, Comprehensive Security Training (CST), is available. For entry-level applicants in the security industry, this 12-day curriculum focuses on giving them the most realistic and valuable foundational base.

Every course we provide is a manageable, step-by-step procedure that helps students gain a firm grasp of each subject through classroom and real-world exercises. For those looking to enter the static security business, the Comprehensive Security Training (CST) program is the best option because it offers training and certificates in a wide range of high-end security and security-related programs.

Our Comprehensive Security Training program has received approval under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Which was created to provide reliable job placement and training assistance to help eligible people find and qualify for stable employment as well as to assist employers in discovering the qualified labor they ought to contend with and achieve their goals.

Duration:Course Cost: $2,470.00

Classes Included in the Comprehensive Security Training (CST) Program

What advantages does executive protection training offer?

The advantages of attending executive protection training include defense against physical assault, comprehension of the psychology of violence, and familiarity with accessible defensive weaponry. 

Executive protection training is a terrific opportunity to gain skills that could save your life, and it will open up more work prospects for you than it would without it. Executive protection training is a fantastic idea for high-risk occupations like police enforcement and military personnel since it will increase their value to companies and allow them to earn more money.

Individuals who are employed in entertainment, athletics, or politicians should think about taking executive security programs because they run the danger of being assaulted or intimidated by others. Executive protection training will assist in preparing you or your personnel for any circumstance, whether you’re searching for a high-level security detail or want to be better ready in an emergency. Even you can enroll in the course and pass the certification exam. We provide financial aid to the students at Pacific West Academy through our scholarship program.

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