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Meat Smoker Buying Guide In the traditional American home cooking, it’s no secret that producing good quality smoked meat can be achieved using nothing but a charcoal or gas-powered grill. It actually works quite well, which is why many homeowners don’t really feel the need to buy a specialized food smoker. But if you are someone who considers yourself as a perfectionist when it comes to smoking and barbecuing, the absence of a specialized smoker in your kitchen cannot be tolerated; one of these days, you’ll end up buying one. Now if you plan on buying a smoker eventually, it is best that you first take a good look at the list of things to consider we have provided you with below: 1 – Reasonable Price
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Considering the handful of brands you get to choose from out there, coming up with a decision could very well overwhelm you. But to narrow down your options, it makes sense to first consider the price. You have to figure out how much you intend to shell out for a smoker, although you actually can purchase one for $50. Quite interestingly, there also is a smoker that comes with a $10,000 price tag. The idea behind finding something with a reasonable price means you should look for a smoker that has enough fancy in it to make it worthy of its price.
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2 – Fuel Moreover, smokers are powered using a handful of fuel options. Your choice depends primarily on what is readily available in your locality. The list includes good old charcoal, wood, gas, pellets, or even electricity. Every fuel source has a specific set of benefits for the consumer. 3 – Quality Because you’re planning to use your smoker as much as you want, you need to find something that has remarkable build quality. This right here has something to do with price, too. For example, if you want a smoker that’s waterproof, does not easily break, can resist rust, and has good quality material, then you should spend at least $100 for it. 4 – Versatility If your intention is to make the most out of your money, then the best smoker for you is one that allows both smoking and grilling. It’s no secret that a dual-feature type of smoker is very popular today. If your kitchen or cooking area has limited space, then go for something that’s versatile and can do more than just smoke meat. 5 – Heat Distribution and Insulation Lastly, you need to do a whole lot of research about the meat smoker you wish to buy because it is the only practical and effective way to learn more about two very important cooking attributes: heat distribution and insulation.

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