Elon Musk Unveils Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Prototype Called ‘Optimus’ – aGOODoutfit

If you are frightened that one day robots are heading to take in excess of the world, Elon Musk just may have added to all those fears.

As part of Tesla’s Synthetic Intelligence Day in Silicon Valley, CEO Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s new Optimus humanoid robot prototype. The presentation was kicked off by Optimus going for walks to the center of the stage and waving to the viewers.

The robot steps 5 toes 8 inches and it was disclosed throughout the presentation, “It’s likely to do all the things that a human mind does.”

Elon explained to the viewers that the robot will be on sale inside a number of a long time with an believed a cost array of underneath $20,000 USD.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=HL1tN2QUFA8

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