Custom Emerald Engagement Ring

When it arrives to proposal, stunning your fiancée with a distinctive engagement ring style and design is by considerably a single of the greatest sensation a man can experience.

Though tailor made diamond ring types are the norm for proposals, likely sideways selecting a special an mysterious valuable stone as the emerald is a guaranteed way to surprise her and make your engagement ring vibrant.

Of class, be certain emerald is a stone that she enjoys.

Emerald stones have been viewed as precious for centuries, by far in advance of diamonds ended up even know all in excess of the globe.

In the case of this emerald engagement ring making, we are likely to show you all the techniques our customers went by way of to make a certainly exclusive emerald ring so he could suggest his fiancée with just one of a form ring.

emerald ring customized for proposal

 This customized engagement ring exhibits boths emeralds stones and the key diamond set in the heart of the ring

This customized engagement ring was designed as a result of our customized ring services permitting you to build your special ring strategy. You can call us about your challenge through this sort.

custom emerald engagement ring with natural emerald stone unique natural emerald ring in 18k gold

 Additional illustrations of easy but custom emerald rings

Developing a distinctive ring for his fiancée

In the case of this ring project, our shopper was the mastermind of the task and knew precisely what he needed. Through months he experienced made his research researching his fiancée’s jewelry choices to outline the stones for the undertaking and the ring style that she would guaranteed like.

He came to us with this ring style on paper:

unique emerald ring design idea

 Engagement ring drawing defining the project to make

The ring is manufactured of a exceptional shank set with a principal 4 millimeters large diamond shouldered by two emerald stones 3 millimeters huge and 6 peridot gemstones 2 millimeters substantial.

The shank will be built of 18-karat white gold.

With this unique ring structure thought so evidently specific by the fiancé, we could commence to the CAD modeling of the ring task enabling us to set the shank width and the stones sizing to doubtful of the harmony of the style to be created.

Thanks to this 3D design we could develop rendering views of the ring project giving a quite precise view of the completed task, even prior to setting up to make it in gold.

unique emerald ring design for an engagement proposal

 Rendering watch of the CAD product of this engagement ring task

Choosing the stones for the ring

 As our customer understood which ring layout he needed, he also experienced a very good idea of the stones to be set on the shank.

The principal stone must be a very good high quality 4 mm round diamond accompanied by two deep environmentally friendly emerald stones and 3 smaller stones light eco-friendly tone.

We could discover a great ,25 carat white diamond with D colour, VS2 purity, and excellent cut licensed by the GIA gemology laboratory. You can see this diamond in this article beneath.

gvs2 white diamond for engagement ring setting

Shut up perspective of the diamond VS2 purity with a magnificense of X25, the diamodn is 4 mm significant

gia certificate of the ring's diamond

 GIA diamond certification of the diamond to be established on this ring style

The two emerald stone choosen are deep environmentally friendly emeralds and the lateral little stones are peridot stones to fit with the fiancée taste for light inexperienced gemstones.

Creating the engagement ring 

At the time the ring’s CAD layout validated and the stone choosen, we began the producing of the metal shank. The 3D design is utilized to 3D print the ring that is then forged in 18k white gold as a result of the missing wax casting system.

The tough white gold ring is received from this course of action.

18k white gold engagement ring cast

Once the tough solid ring arrives from the casting approach, it has to be deburred and prepolished so the gemstones can be established on the ring.

Wonderful gemstones have to be established on this ring, commencing with the scaled-down and most economical stones.

stone setting on an emerald engagement ring

See of the ring soon after environment the peridot stone on the ring’s flanks

setting round emerald stones on unique engagement ring

 Then comply with the setting of the emerald stones right before the principal diamond stone

The moment all the stones set on the ring, this latter is polished and rhodium plated, providing this final result.

unique emerald engagement ring 

unique emerald ring design idea

 emerald engagement ring custom made

 View displaying the emerald engagement ring on the finger

Fast view of distinctive emerald stone shapes and cuts.


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