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Explanation On Why Modular Homes Are Superior To On-Site Built Ones

Modular homes are constructed off-site in a warehouse. This is then followed by transportation of the finished material to the site where it is assembled by a builder to a complete form. This simply means that the house is built away from the site. The modular homes are said to be better than the on-site homes as highlighted below.

It is considered to be the highest level of development in home construction. Houses for a long time have been constructed using the outdated methods. The industry has however made great leaps for over twenty years in customizing homes from the modular industry. The industry has abandoned the traditional way of individually framing the same structure by hand and embraced the designing and building them into pieces in a factory. This industry has made it possible to construct solid and custom homes which can then be delivered at a short time and with the right quality.

The modular homes creates shorter more predictable timelines. Homes that are built at the site are affected in a bad way by rainfall. The modular construction method is however not influenced by weather. The uncontrollable forces influence is greatly lowered in this case as in a day, the building process nears completion. There is a delay in the time of construction in using the outdated construction methods as a result of rain, the wind, and snow which also affects the building materials and the labor force negatively. It however, takes a reduced period of about two weeks to complete assembling of the modular house in the factory which is not altered or influenced by such factors.

With modular homes, quality is guaranteed. On site buildings rely on the supervisor’s ability to rectify mistakes made during the process of construction. In the case of modular homes, on the other hand, there is the construction of homes by expert builders who receive supervision by similar managers day in day out. During the process of the home construction, the managers usually do occasional quality control. Besides that, there is regular inspection process of the building in the plant by another party. Once the structure reaches the site, it is inspected further to make sure that there is excellent linking with the foundation. Local inspectors will only seek to comply with the building code of the area.

Modular homes are built stronger. Modules are built as six-sided structures since they must be transported and placed by a crane to the foundation. This results in a product of stacked boxes which is stronger and stable than the platform style structure. That is why modular homes come with plumbing, electrical, cabinet and tile complete from the factory. The factory homes are of better standard compared to the site-built ones.
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