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This technique actually has been known for a long time, but there are still many people who do not know this simple technique, according to it is said that the Sudanese and the people of the Middle East first to use this technique. Their men have inherited this technique for centuries, and now it is our turn to try Titan Gel.

There are a few things to note:
This technique is not an instant technique that once a direct way looks the result, it must be with strong determination and commitment from self, so if quick surrender is guaranteed will not work.
Do not force yourself to get instant results. Do not get because want to quickly then we fast exercises that can cause penile injury. Appreciate your vital organs.
Routine is the key to the success of this technique.

The way is to stretch the erectile network. Erectile tissue is a tendonic tissue that will make our “Titan Gel” erect if filled with blood from the bloodstream in our body. This exercise is safer than if we practice using ballast on the penis.

The first thing to note is the penis must be in a state of flaccid (sleep, sluggish, calm, not erect). The second position should sit or stand, the third is the penis is not in a slippery state or circumstances that can cause our hands to slip when holding the penis. And the steps are as follows:

Hold the tip of the penis with one hand and the other hold the hand holding the penis. At the time of holding make sure our hands do not skid, but also do not get too hard because it can injure the penis.
Pull the penis forward until it feels stretched, but not too hard. It is enough until it feels that our penis is forced to stretch, hold for about 30 seconds, then release. Repeat until approximately 10 times.
Remove the penis, then punch the penis into the right thigh to about 30 seconds, or until the penis relaxes again.
Repeat step 2, but this time pull the penis upward.
Repeat step 3.
Repeat step 2, this time pull the penis to the left.
Repeat step 3.
Repeat step 2, this time pull the penis downwards.
Repeat step 3.
Repeat step 2, this time pull the penis in the right direction.
Repeat step 3.
Then repeat the step but this time, in turn, to form a circle to the left, and then the reverse. Repeat for five times then end by repeating step 3. This exercise will really feel the result after 3 to 4 months.