Perfect List of Good Massage Chairs

After working for long hours, you deserve something extraordinary to relieve the stress on your brain and body. Due to the stress, the shoulders and muscles tighten up with soaring all day long causing pain and anxiety. Our mood tends to stay off without any reason, and the base is tiredness. Good massage chairs can help you feel easy within few minutes like never before. It is not easy to find the right massage chair because of a vast collection available in the market which makes it hard for the consumer to choose from. Here is a perfect list of good massage chairs which you can use and pick the best one with deciding over the pros and cons associated with it.

Good Massage Chairs List

Inada HCP- 10001A

A big and giant black chair in appearance but the most powerful massage chair among all. It is the top priority of people who have a high budget, and for sure it is worth all the money. When you experience only one massage session, you would feel like a new person all of a sudden.


–    Premium massage

–    First class support

–    Soft and comfortable

–    Provides shiatsu therapy

–    Soothes muscles

–    Made for all ages above 12 years


–    Costs heavily

–    Not easily movable

–    Big in size

–    No assemble instructions

–    Not for lounge room

Best Massage Full Body Shiatsu

If you have a medium size body, then this is the best massage chair for your living room with watching TV at the same time. It massages all your body with giving a soft feel to it. You won’t even get to know, and you will be sleeping within minutes on this chair for hours. You can increase the intensity level as you want. Only 10 minutes on this chair daily and you will have a lifetime experience


–    Best quality material

–    Best recliner

–    Smooth shiatsu massage

–    Heat intelligent

–    Fatigue relief

–    Air massage

–    One year warranty


–    No assemble instructions

Relaxzen 60-425111

If you want consistent heat massage on your body, then Relaxzen is the best choice for you to consider. The leather feel gives you ultimate pleasure of body heating and smooth vibration massage which eases up the muscles. The vibrations work individually on different parts of the body such as thighs, calves, back, shoulders and more. There are five levels of intensity which can be used to make it a deep massage. You can adjust it completely according to your comfort without any interruption.


–    High quality

–    Best heat massager

–    High capacity

–    Unique massage system


–    No Assembly instructions

–    Heavy to move


Managing stress in life is essential to have a smooth life. If you are not able to do it by yourself, then get the help of good massage chairs which will surely ease you up on the tough routines and bring you back to life pleasantly. Among all, the comfortable massage chair could be Relaxzen since it heats the body and releases tension with working on individual body parts. It is upon you which you choose so make the wise decision with considering the pros and cons.