Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion’s Best Fashion Moments

There was never any doubt that Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion would come through with their own brands of style and glamour in the music video for “Sweetest Pie” when it hit the internet at midnight. In fact, as the words “concept by Megan Thee Stallion” hint in the very first second,” you’d be hard pressed to find any aspect of the video in which the pair doesn’t disappoint. It begins with two men stumbling upon a spider-shaped vessel in a verdant forest, which is flanked by more than a dozen pairs of naked legs that part to reveal the stars. They’re at the ready in the first of many standout ensembles to come: more Breakfast at Tiffany’s glamour for Megan—albeit in latex—and Daniel Roseberry’s latest otherworldly Schiaparelli moment for Dua, whose couture ensemble features devilish antlers that stretch way past her matching fascinator. Their blood-red lips—not to mention the spider embedded in Dua’s cheek—are spot-on for the refrain: “I might just give you a bite of your sweetest pie.” Take a closer at the best of what comes next, here.

Megan starts out matching Dua lip-wise, but her tongue soon reveals that hers are actually painted black.

Deeper inside the spider’s innards, the two wayward travelers are delighted to find a feast of sweets—at least until Megan and Dua interrupt. Megan appears in a mint-green bustier and over-the-knee boots that are both dripping in pearls.

So many pearls, in fact, that it takes a second to notice that her silvery beehive is topped off with sprinkles as if it were a cone of soft serve.

Meanwhile, Dua swaps out her beloved Moon Boots for a pair of crocodile-leather platforms that also stretch over her knees.

Next up, Megan delivers the solo moment we’d been waiting for, wearing what’s essentially a gold bra held together with straps of gold and green jewels.

She softens the look with a touch of glittery pink eye shadow, paired with metallic nails that hark back to her Schiaparelli look. (Oh, and she also extracts a piece of pie from spot where the spider was on her cheek.)

Dua’s next look—a paneled Mugler mini dress—is one we wouldn’t be surprised to see casually show up in one of her day-to-day Instagrams.

She tops it off with a classic cat eye and a statement necklace from Lanvin.

Outside the spider’s innards, Megan takes things up a notch. We see them for just barely a second, but yep, those are bones in her hair.

Not to mention a whole bedazzled spine stretching the length of her real one.

Of course the middle fingers that emerge from Megan’s eyes when the dudes try to burn them at the stake also have A+ nails.

Dua celebrates their triumph in sheer Rick Owens, while Megan goes with more metallics and silvery eye shadow to match.

Last but not least, Megan closes out the video in a set of nails threatening enough to keep that serpent exactly where she wants it.

Take it all in in the full video above.