Do You Want to Plan a Fitness-themed Wedding?

If you’re a fitness buff and your intended is, too, you should know that a lot of people are planning fitness-themed weddings which allow them to share their passion for exercise with each other and their wedding parties.

Do You Want to Plan a Fitness-themed Wedding?

Right now, we’re going to talk about the best ways to plan a fitness-themed wedding. You’ll find that it doesn’t cost a bundle and taking this approach will ensure a special event with a little added style!

How to Get Started

To begin, you should realize that adding fitness elements to the reception is probably more appropriate than adding them to the wedding ceremony. However, rules are made to be broken. For example, adding a little plastic dumbbell in a metallic to your bridal bouquet might be fun!

Some people give away sports water bottles as wedding favors and these are typically printed with the bride and groom’s names, as well as the wedding date. You may also want to add fitness motifs to your table centerpieces, wedding invitations and floral arrangements. As well, planning a healthy, high-protein meal for all attendees will promote muscle development and energy.

It might also be cute for both of you to pose with dumbbells in a few of your wedding photos, or strike fitness-style poses. If you’re both into exercising, these types of novelty photos are bound to be treasured for a lifetime. However, you should also take some traditional wedding photographs. It will be nice to have a mixture of moods and styles.

DIY or Wedding Planner?

Some couples enjoy planning their own weddings, while others prefer to outsource the task to wedding planners. Both strategy should work and what you choose will probably depend on your schedule and budget. If you do outsource, you’ll have more time for the gym before you get married. If you don’t, you may find that planning your wedding is a bit of workout!

If it’s a destination wedding or something of that sort and you have more time with your guests, planning beach volleyball or another type of group fitness activity will be smart. It will be a great way to bring people together and reinforce the wedding’s fitness theme. Consider having t-shirts printed for everyone, which are wedding-themed and very comfortable for sports. Or consider as a farewell gift, supplements for bodybuilding or weight loss. It’s quite easy to order custom t-shirts online and it is easy to find the right type of supplements to help prepare yourself for your wedding or to use as a nice ‘thank you for coming’ gift.

Now that you know more about how to plan a fitness-themed wedding, you’ll be ready to add some charm and personality to your reception.


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