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Cyprus, known as the “Island of Love,” is a stunning destination for weddings, offering picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. With its warm Mediterranean climate and diverse venues, Cyprus caters to every couple’s dream wedding, whether it’s a grand celebration or an intimate ceremony. This guide will delve into various cyprus wedding venues, highlighting their unique features and what makes them perfect for tying the knot.

Coastal Wedding Venues


Aphrodite Hills Resort

Aphrodite Hills Resort is a luxurious venue nestled on a plateau overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Named after the goddess of love, the resort offers an enchanting setting for weddings. The venue includes an elegant chapel, beautiful gardens, and spacious banquet halls. Couples can choose from various locations within the resort for their ceremony and reception, ensuring a personalized experience.

Elysium Hotel

The Elysium Hotel in Paphos is a five-star venue that exudes romance and sophistication. With its Byzantine architecture and lush gardens, it provides a fairy-tale setting. The hotel offers several wedding packages, including beachside ceremonies, garden weddings, and ballroom receptions. The Elysium Hotel’s experienced wedding planners ensure every detail is perfect.


Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol is synonymous with luxury and elegance. It offers a variety of wedding venues, including a beachfront area, a stunning garden, and a grand ballroom. The hotel’s wedding coordinators assist with all arrangements, from floral decorations to gourmet catering, ensuring a seamless and memorable event.

Amathus Beach Hotel

Amathus Beach Hotel is another prime wedding venue in Limassol. This five-star hotel boasts breathtaking sea views and meticulously landscaped gardens. Couples can exchange vows on the beach or in the garden pavilion. The hotel provides customized wedding packages that cater to different styles and budgets.

Ayia Napa

Nissi Beach Resort

Nissi Beach Resort is famous for its stunning beach and crystal-clear waters. It’s a popular choice for couples seeking a beach wedding. The resort offers several wedding locations, including a beachfront terrace, a garden gazebo, and indoor spaces for receptions. The picturesque setting ensures beautiful wedding photos.

Olympic Lagoon Resort

The Olympic Lagoon Resort in Ayia Napa is an all-inclusive venue that caters to weddings of all sizes. The resort offers various ceremony locations, including a charming chapel, a gazebo by the lagoon, and a beach area. With a dedicated wedding team, couples can relax and enjoy their special day.

Mountain and Countryside Venues

Troodos Mountains

Casale Panayiotis

Casale Panayiotis is a unique venue located in the Troodos Mountains. This restored village offers a blend of traditional Cypriot charm and modern amenities. Couples can choose to get married in the village’s historic church or in the serene gardens overlooking the mountains. The venue’s rustic ambiance and stunning views create an unforgettable wedding experience.

Lania Village

Lania Village is a picturesque location in the Troodos Mountains, known for its traditional stone houses and beautiful vineyards. It’s an ideal setting for a rustic wedding. The village offers various venues, including small chapels, outdoor spaces, and traditional tavernas. The scenic beauty and tranquil environment make Lania Village a charming wedding destination.


Columbia Beach Resort

Columbia Beach Resort in Pissouri Bay is a luxurious venue set against a backdrop of hills and the Mediterranean Sea. The resort offers several wedding locations, including a beachfront area, a garden, and a stylish indoor venue. The combination of natural beauty and sophisticated amenities ensures a memorable wedding celebration.

Ktima Alassos

Ktima Alassos is a secluded venue located near Pissouri, offering a private and intimate setting for weddings. The venue features beautifully landscaped gardens, a charming chapel, and a spacious reception area. Ktima Alassos is perfect for couples looking for a serene and exclusive wedding experience.

City Venues


Hilton Park Nicosia

Hilton Park Nicosia is a prestigious venue that combines modern elegance with traditional Cypriot hospitality. The hotel offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings, including a grand ballroom, a garden area, and a rooftop terrace. With comprehensive wedding packages and professional planning services, Hilton Park ensures a flawless celebration.

The Landmark Nicosia

The Landmark Nicosia, formerly known as the Hilton Cyprus, is a historic venue in the heart of the capital. It offers a range of wedding venues, from luxurious ballrooms to intimate garden spaces. The hotel’s experienced team provides personalized services, ensuring that each wedding reflects the couple’s vision and style.


Palm Beach Hotel & Bungalows

Palm Beach Hotel & Bungalows in Larnaca is a versatile venue that caters to various wedding styles. The hotel features a beachfront area, lush gardens, and elegant indoor spaces. Couples can opt for a beach wedding, a garden ceremony, or a sophisticated indoor reception. The hotel’s wedding coordinators assist with every detail, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Golden Bay Beach Hotel

Golden Bay Beach Hotel is another excellent wedding venue in Larnaca. It offers stunning sea views and beautifully landscaped gardens. The hotel provides several wedding packages, including beachfront ceremonies and garden receptions. With top-notch amenities and professional services, Golden Bay Beach Hotel ensures a memorable wedding day.

Historic and Cultural Venues


Kourion Ancient Amphitheatre

Kourion Ancient Amphitheatre is a unique and historic venue located near Limassol. Couples can exchange vows in this ancient Greco-Roman theater, surrounded by history and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The amphitheater provides a dramatic and unforgettable setting for a wedding ceremony.

Limassol Castle

Limassol Castle is a historic landmark that offers a unique wedding venue. The castle’s courtyard and surrounding gardens create a magical atmosphere. Couples can have their ceremony in the castle’s chapel or in the picturesque courtyard. The historic ambiance and stunning architecture make Limassol Castle a memorable wedding location.


Paphos Medieval Castle

Paphos Medieval Castle is a popular wedding venue with a rich history. Located on the harbor, the castle provides a romantic setting with its medieval architecture and scenic views. Couples can have their ceremony in the castle’s courtyard or on the terrace overlooking the sea. The historic charm and stunning backdrop make Paphos Medieval Castle a unique wedding venue.

The House of Dionysus

The House of Dionysus in Paphos is an archaeological site featuring ancient mosaics and historic ruins. This venue offers a distinctive and culturally rich setting for weddings. Couples can have their ceremony amidst the ancient ruins, creating a unique and memorable experience. The site’s historical significance adds a special touch to the wedding celebration.

Intimate and Boutique Venues


Grecian Park Hotel

Grecian Park Hotel in Protaras is an elegant venue that offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel features a private chapel, beautifully landscaped gardens, and a stylish indoor reception area. Grecian Park Hotel is ideal for couples seeking an intimate and sophisticated wedding venue.

Capo Bay Hotel

Capo Bay Hotel in Protaras is a boutique venue known for its stunning location and personalized services. The hotel offers several wedding packages, including beachfront ceremonies, garden weddings, and intimate receptions. With its beautiful setting and attentive staff, Capo Bay Hotel ensures a memorable wedding experience.


Anassa Hotel

Anassa Hotel in Polis is a luxury boutique venue that offers a serene and romantic setting for weddings. The hotel features a private chapel, lush gardens, and elegant reception areas. Couples can choose from various wedding packages, each designed to provide a bespoke and unforgettable experience. Anassa Hotel’s picturesque location and top-notch services make it a perfect choice for an intimate wedding.

Aphrodite Beach Hotel

Aphrodite Beach Hotel in Polis is a charming venue that offers a blend of traditional Cypriot hospitality and modern amenities. The hotel provides several wedding venues, including a beachfront area and a garden terrace. The intimate setting and personalized services make Aphrodite Beach Hotel an excellent choice for couples seeking a cozy and romantic wedding venue.


Cyprus offers a diverse range of wedding venues, each with its unique charm and appeal. From luxurious resorts and historic castles to intimate boutique hotels and picturesque coastal locations, there is something for every couple. Whether you’re dreaming of a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, Cyprus’s stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. With professional wedding planners and top-notch amenities, couples can rest assured that their wedding in Cyprus will be a memorable and magical experience.

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